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Many driver problems in the Terminal Services environment revolve around poor multi-threaded performance which in turn can cause Print Spooler instability. Problematic multi-threaded performance is usually exposed when multiple users connect to a Terminal Server simultaneously using the same print driver. Symptoms include the failure to autocreate client printers, increased thread count of the Printer Spooler and/or Citrix Print Manager services, and possibly the unresponsiveness and/or unexpected termination of these services (crashes).

This program can be used in conjunction with scripts or batch files to execute multiple instances simultaneously, simulating multiple sessions autocreating printers using the same print driver.

ALLinONEv1.02 (Hide System Drives)
All in One Package for NT Domains, ADM Files and Utilities to hide Terminal Server local drives.

A utility to list, publish or remove applications from a server in a Citrix Farm.

The Automatic Farm Tuner utility is designed to tweak the advanced registry setting on the data collectors in a large farm and tune the data collectors to adapt to a large farm environment. With this utility in place, all manual performance tweaking on the data collectors can be automatically set. The Automatic Farm Tuner gathers information about the current farm using MFCOM. Based on the gathered data, the performance setting of the data collectors is tweaked to be at their optimum settings for the size of the farm and the zones contained within the farm.

BAT (Bandwidth Analysis Tool)
Bandwidth Analysis Tool for monitoring ICA & RDP traffic patterns.

use this app to browse the NetBEUI computers on your LAN.

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